When Tears Have Fallen

EPK "When Tears Have Fallen" kopia

In a near future, where function and economy governs, nearly all of mankind has lost
it’s emotions. For these people a certain drug is the only way to briefly experience joy
or sadness.

In this indifferent world a young mother faces an impossible choice when her son is
submitted life supporting medical care.
”When tears have fallen” is a touching story and a timely analysis of our society, that
challenges you to ask yourself where mankind is headed.

additional grading, CGI and composting by good post


As Co-Producer we would like to congratulate Henrik for the following awards

Best Short Film, Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 2015.
Jury’s Special Award, Jaipur International Film Festival 2015
Best Short Film, India Cine Film Festival 2014.
Award of Excellence, Best Shorts Competition 2014.
Award of Excellence in directing drama, International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts 2014